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We will be open 7 days a week 365 days per year, Christmas beer, Easter beer, beer makes a great gift. So come see us any time...

We are small brewery that seeks to produce big beers. We experiment with all kinds of malts, grains, hops sugars and other flavoring. Our goal is make beer as interesting as the people who drink it and make it. Drinking beer is our hobby, making beer is our job. We are lucky because we get to have our hobby be our jobs.

7 Mile Beers

Water makes up 95% of beer, then there malts, grains and yeast...and there you have it our beer recipe. We make lagers, ales, bocks, porters, and stouts...The fun of this for us is in the making of it...make it unique, make it good, make it fun. Simple is best and the best is what you and we want to drink.