Karv Meal Subscriptions Can Really Deliver

Karv Meals Can Really Deliver

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PhillyBite Karv MeatsPhiladelphia, PA - With so many home delivery options out there, how do you choose which food delivery service to use for yourself or your growing family? I know that what you put into your bodies matter, which is why Karv Meals makes sure that they source only the finest USDA-certified beef, organic chicken, and pork available.


fireAll of their meats are born and raised in the United States and free of antibiotics, growth hormones and other undesirables. Karv is wholesome nutrition– delivered directly to your door!

The website itself is very easy to maneuver in, finding what you need without having to search through the site. I'm skilled in the kitchen on my own, however there are days when I just feel like having a meal that is ready-made. Thankfully if you are busy and need to have a meal ready in a small amount of time, Karv offers meal options that can be eaten within half an hour.

Even more important, is that if you or one of your hungry family members have special dietary needs, Karv offers Paleo friendly, Gluten free, Nut Free, Dairy Free, and Allergen-free options. So now you can choose from a variety of oven-ready entrées designed for busy lifestyles—with dietary friendly options available.

When I received my 1-Person Plan ($99 per month), I was impressed with how much care even went into the packaging. And to be more conscientious of the environment, most of the packing was recyclable. Even the foam they packed it in was water-soluble. And it was like opening up a gift, full of chicken, beef, pork, and a ready-made meal; all that were flash-frozen at their peak freshness.

Karv Meals Delivery

I chose to highlight the Pork Tenderloin, and after following the instructions included in my monthly delivery, I thawed the Pork in my fridge overnight. Once it was thawed, I used Karv's Organic Garlic & Herb Seasoning spice tin shipped to me. Taking my Pork Tenderloin and using the spices as a dry-rub, I allowed the meat to marinate during the day while I worked.

Later on when I was exhausted, I came home and coated one of my glass pans with olive oil and placed the Pork into my oven at 350°F. Half an hour later, a juicy tender piece of pork was sizzling and ready to be eaten. I was impressed that the meat was so tender. Usually when meats are frozen they become more tough and I have to hide it with excess seasoning, or use a meat tenderizer. Not with Karv's meat. Theirs came out perfectly cooked, and completely scrumptious. And the Garlic & Herb Seasoning that they sent with it had a strong garlic taste, followed with cayenne pepper, paprika, and mustard. It was a delicious kick to my meal, and hit the spot!

If this is your first time looking for a home-delivery meal service, Karv would be perfect. They're food and meals are delivered monthly, so no waiting or having to rush home every week. And at less than $7 per portion for every plan size, eating healthy has never been so tempting.

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