You Are What You Feed Yourself

You are what you feed yourself

Photo by Thammie Cascales

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PhillyBite10Philadelphia, PA - Everyone knows that you are what your body intakes. If you eat junk and unhealthy foods most of the time you usually are going have bad health and problems. But if you eat healthy and drink a lot of water, you feel better and your body functions relatively well.

But you are also what you feed your mind. This is something that is talked about a lot, but no as much as it should. I feed my brain a lot of knowledge most of the time. Mostly of what’s important over what’s not.

Just like with the food part, if you read and write everyday, you become smarter and make better decisions. But if you feed the brain unhealthy things you result to making bad decisions.
Don’t be afraid to bite into a new apple

You’ll never know what new things you like if you don’t try.

And over the years I have noticed that people feed their brain what they want to feed it. If that’s all they know that is what they will gravitate to. Often times what people know is what they are use to, so something new or different is alien like to them.

I have learned how to dive into new things, and by trying new things it has made me learn more and more about myself with each new thing that I encounter.

Like with the motivational videos I was scared of the negative feedback I would get from family members, friends and social media. But worrying about opinions will slow me down. A good supporter of mines stated that you must ride the “waves” that life throws at you. Which is 100% percent true. But you will stay at the shore when you don’t try new things.

  • You are what you feed yourself
  • Don’t be afraid to try new things
  • It’s all a learning process


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