Upgrading your Garage Door to Increase Home Value

Upgrading your Garage Door to Increase Home Value

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Garage DoorsPhiladelphia, PA - For potential homebuyers, the first thing to be considered is how your house looks from the street or your curb appeal. Since the garage takes most of the space of a home, it can be seen easily even from afar; hence, it must be looking well maintained and work smoothly to use as leverage to attract potential buyers. A lousy and shabby-looking garage door may discourage prospective buyers.

Top 5 Best Restaurants in Mount Holly NJ

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Philadelphia, PARestaurants in the Quite Little Town of Mount Holly - The quiet little town of Mount Holly is located in the southern part of Burlington County, New Jersey. With about 10,000 residents, the town is rich in history and has a small selection of restaurants and other shops.

Panel Replacement vs. Garage Door Replacement

Panel Replacement vs. Garage Door Replacement

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Philadelphia, PAGarage Door Pannel - A garage has many components that give significant convenience to your property. One aspect of your garage is your garage door panels. This component protects your personal possessions from harsh and external environments.

Panel Replacement vs. Garage Door Replacement

However, it should be noted that forceful winds and large hailstones can enter your property if the panels become damaged, and therefore significant damage can take place.

If secure panels are not enforced, further issues can take place. This can be in the form of a burglary that can easily trespass your property if your panels are broken. If that’s the case, consider repairing or replacing them.

Before deciding on what to do with your damaged or broken panels, you need to know when and what you need to consider before going for repair or replacement. Luckily, this article will discuss the concept of panel replacement and garage door replacement. 

Determine If You Have Significant Damage On Your Panels

It is important to always check first the extent of the damage before doing any repairs or replacement. If your garage door panels have slight injuries, the best option you can do is to replace only the damaged part.  For that, you can always contact a garage door company, as they carry with them all the necessary tools and materials to make the replacement, whether it is a garage door spring replacement or an opener replacement.

In contrast with panel replacement, if you observe that the panels would negatively impact your garage door, it’s best to replace it with a new garage door. Additionally, replacing your entire garage door would be ultimately more cost-effective if you have more than two damaged panels.

Why Some Property Owners Replace The Entire Garage Door Instead Of Panels Only?

It is usual for any garage door to experience wear and tear throughout the year. It includes damages from harsh weather that produces hailstones, strong winds, and heavy rains. If the panels become broken and could hurt the entire garage door, property owners usually choose garage door replacement.

Why You Only Need Panel Replacement

One reason you need to replace your panels is if the damage is too severe. If you think your garage door panels will not withstand another extreme weather condition, maybe it’s time to change your panels.

The second reason is if you have only one to two injured panels. If it does, you can save a lot of money on replacing the damaged ones instead of changing the entire garage door.

When Do You Need Garage Door Replacement

If you think that the damage is so severe that it could result in a malfunctioning garage door, you need to consider garage door replacement.

Another reason why you need a garage door replacement is if the panels are too old. If your garage door panels are outdated, it will be difficult for you to find replacement parts for your panels. That’s why it’s better if you do not replace the panel but instead change the entire garage door.

Colour-Matching Panel Replacement

Colour-matching your garage door panels is very important to fix a garage door correctly and efficiently. During time, your garage door panels may fade or change their shades due the sun exposure, temperature changes, dents, etc. In these occasions, replacing the panels of the garage door without colour compatibility can result in an unappealing appearance, influencing and affecting curb appeal and your property’s overall look and aesthetic.  

Professional and licensed garage door technicians can help replace the garage door panels and make sure the colour harmoniously and seamlessly matches your existing panels in order to avoid overpaying for a brand-new garage door. Garage door repair services can assure new sections are installed properly and promptly so you can have a running, functional and aesthetically pleasing garage door as soon as possible. 

It is also worth to mention again that you should think about it before deciding if you want to change your panels or the entire garage door, if you have only a few damaged sections it will not be a problem to replace them.

Common Errors

Sometimes, property owners believe that tightening any slack screws or lubricating the garage door parts can solve their garage door problems. However, if your garage door panels and the garage door itself are broken, a simple solution may not be enough, and you might need to change them. 


In this case, you need to either replace your injured panels or replace the entire garage door. 

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