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Foowiches, or grilled square sandwiches filled with green-curry quinoa salad, gingery meatballs, pork belly with tea egg or peanut-flecked lemongrass chicken—are the signature items at Foo Truck, an uber-casual Asian-fusion concept located largely at 35th and Market Streets.

Everything is made from scratch out of top quality ingredients – the best meats, the freshest spices. Never frozen and never microwaved! We take traditional Asian cooking techniques and flavors and tuck them into a cooler-than-cool, handier-than-handy toasty tortilla to make eating on-the-go an un-Foo-gettable experience!

Be sure to check Their schedule and Twitter feed regularly for updated events and service!

University City
35th & Market Sts
Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays

Center City
16th & JFK Blvd (Love Park)
Tuesdays Only