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Drinker’s Tavern - Rittenhouse Philadelphia, PA 19106

Drinker’s Tavern - Rittenhouse Philadelphia, PA 19106 Hot

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Drinker’s Tavern - Rittenhouse Philadelphia, PA 19106

Drinker’s Tavern – Young partiers drink 40-ounce bottles and dance to DJs in a loud and always-lively scene. When hunger strikes, they chow on classic pub grub, such as fries topped with bacon and cheddar or spicy buffalo sauce and melted jack and cheddar cheeses.

Drinker´s Tavern carries an energetic atmosphere throughout two floors, featuring a spacious bar and ample seating. Admire the Elvis memorabilia and play your favorite songs on our jukebox which has been rated best jukebox several years in running.

Our lower level is also available for private events, so think of Drinker’s Tavern for your next get-together.

Also See Old City Location.. Drinker’s Tavern - Old City Philadelphia, PA 19106


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