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Eulogy Belgian Tavern – A beer haven, Eulogy pours more than 400 choices, including 30 on tap. The tasty menu of Belgian specialties pairs perfectly with the libations and the vibe.

An historic three block walk from Independence Hall towards riverfront of Philadelphia. Restaurant spread over two floors in a historic row-house style building. Jeweler Bailey, Banks and Biddle was founded here in 1832.

The restaurant features Philadelphia's largest beer selection with an amazing menu of over 400 international and domestic craft brewed bottled beers and 30 draught beers are served every day. Ranked as the fifth best beer restaurant in the United States by ratebeer.com beer menu highlights include "Eulogy's Busty Blonde" beer brewed by a Belgian brewer exclusively for Eulogy Belgian Tavern.

We also have a fully stocked liquor cabinet on display with premium house cocktails and high end selections of bourbon, scotch and Irish Whiskey.  Our wine selection is available by the bottle or glass and selected from wines rated very highly but bottle prices at a value to our guests.


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