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Philadelphia, PAPhiladelphia Energy Solutions - Philadelphia Energy Solutions, said it will be shutting down the most significant oil refinery on the East Coast, located in South-West Philadelphia. The decision was announced shortly after the refineries massive fire just last week. The refinery is the 10th largest in the United States and refines approximately 335,000 barrels of crude oil each day.

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Philadelphia, PASouth Philly Refinery Explosion Seen from Space - The enormous refinery explosion Friday morning in Philadelphia ended up being so massive that its image was observable on weather satellites, reported by the National Weather Service. The heated blob was picked up by the satellites as a giant fireball.

Philly Ranks No. 8 as Top U.S. Destination City

Philadelphia, PAPhilly Ranks No. 8 as Top U.S. Destination City - Philly continues to be the No. 8 U.S. Destination City based on the most recent U-Haul migration trends report, keeping its current ranking from last year. Philly did, however, experience a 5% year-over-year increase in one-way U-Haul truck arrivals and continues to be one of the countries top 10 most popular cities for new traffic amongst do-it-yourself movers.

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Philadelphia, PAIs There Such Thing As Safe Drug Use - When it comes to substance use disorders (SUD), two things are certain: 1) any treatment is better than no treatment, and 2) you can’t treat a dead person. Sadly, when a person isn’t ready for the currently available types of SUD treatment in this country, the conventional approach is to assume you have to wait until they are ready until they hit some sort of elusive “rock bottom” that wakes them up. But what if while you are waiting for them to “be ready," you lose the chance to help them forever?

Philadelphia Honors Boxing Pioneer Lynne Carter

Philadelphia, PAMayor Jim Kenney paid tribute to Philadelphia boxing pioneer Lynne Carter - Mayor Kenney honored Lynne Carter for her distinguished 35-year career spanning many continents and countries, from the United Kingdom to Asia. Through purpose and persistence, she punched through the barriers of inequality overcoming many obstacles to excel in a male-dominated field.

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