Trolley Car Diner A Mount Airy Mainstay is CLOSING

Trolley Car Diner A Mount Airy Mainstay (Photo: FaceBook)

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Trolley Car Diner - The large neon lights reflect off the silver exterior of the Trolley Car Diner, a Mount Airy mainstay on Germantown AvenueTrolley Car Diner - The Trolley Car Diner in Mt. Airy is closing its doors October 15, 2019, In a statement. Owner Ken Weinstein says the diner could not survive the increased competition in the area.

“The NW Philly neighborhood has blossomed and grown. There are now many more places to eat, drink and gather today. Many of these establishments are within a walk or short drive of the Diner. These new dining destinations have slowly eaten into our customer base. With significantly more options, the Diner’s sales have steadily declined.” , Said Ken. Trolley Car Cafe at East Falls will stay open, and accept all Trolley Car Diner gift cards.

About The Trolley Car Diner

The large neon lights reflected off the silver exterior of the Trolley Car Diner, a Mount Airy mainstay on Germantown Avenue which served up a fresh, locally-sourced fare.

A historic old-school diner was serving breakfast, beer & another fare next to a trolley car dispensing ice cream. "Slip into a booth. Get comfy. Turn around and check out our regulars — Guys by the name of Elvis, Frank, and Jackie. And gals like Audrey, Grace & Ella. Yes, it’s always the 1950s in our magical little part of the world. But you don’t have to be an old-timer to enjoy our delicious milkshakes and tasty burgers. Just bring a sense of fun, and some of your favorite people." The Trolly Diner

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