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Misconduct Tavern (Photo - Katrina KS Loves)

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Philadelphia, PAPhillyBite Misconducts Tavern Philadelphia - Misconduct Tavern “My favorite dish here is the mac-n-cheese but sadly I did not get it this time around. There’s always a next time.” Has anyone missed Wanderlust Wednesdays?! It’s been a minute – but your favorite Philly food lover is back in action! This week’s restaurant feature surrounds Misconduct Tavern in Center City, Philadelphia. There are two locations: 1511 Locust St.1801 and John F Kennedy Boulevard

Misscoduct2We went to 1511 Locust St. (Rittenhouse location), but I have been to the one at 18th and JFK also! There really isn’t a difference between the two – at least that I have noticed – so both are solid choices for dining in or stopping by for a drink.

I’ve really enjoyed Misconduct in the past. LOVE their mac-n-cheese, chicken tenders, and especially the fried pickle chips with ranch dipping sauce.
This time, I ordered the turkey burger topped with guacamole and pepper jack cheese. It was delicious! Fries were the perfect side option, since I’m not aiming to be healthy and order a salad with my burger.

My fiancé opted for the nacho burger, which sounds phenomenal on paper. It’s a beef and black bean blend topped with salsa, nachos, and a chipotle cheese blend. I hate to say it (BC I LOVE THIS PLACE) but it was undercooked. Not raw, don’t get me wrong, but when he asks for it to be cooked medium-well and they claim all burgers are “cooked through,” you’d assume you’d be receiving a well-cooked burger. Well, not the case. He ate around it and don’t pity him too much, I treated him to frozen yogurt afterwards Image result for praise emoji

Looked delish, right? Small bummer.

ANYWAYS – I have not given up on Misconduct, this was just a minor road bump. Kind of gives me even more reason to go back to my classic chicken tenders and mac-n-cheese order, which I’m completely fine with.




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