MilkBoy Turns Into MilkGirl For National Women's History Month

Philadelphia, PAMilkboy Becomes MilkGirl - In honor of National Women’s History Month, MilkBoy is about to become MilkGirl this March, for a 12-day festivity, and this includes a fantastic all-female comedy show, rocking girl-gang, karaoke, a great beer launch, and much more, from Monday, March 4 to Friday, March 15 benefiting Girls Behind the Rock Show.

Best Bar Burger Deals in Philadelphia

Best Bar Burger Deals in PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia, PA - “Dining on a Dime” Host, Kevin Wilson, and John Cohl gives you tips about places where you can eat well on a very tight budget in the Philadelphia tri-state area. Episode #19 and #25 discussed bars with delicious foods and you can download Dining on a Dime at Wildfire Radio. Below are some of the Best Bar Burger Deals in Philadelphia

Whiskey 101: Does Whiskey Age After its Bottled

PhillyBite10Philadelphia, PA - In the case of whiskey (all whiskey, not just Scotch) after it is bottled it does not age. When whiskey is put into barrels to mature, there's a reason why charred oak barrels are used and not 55 gallon plastic kegs or metal oil barrels, which would certainly be a lot cheaper. The reason charred oak is used, is that it help aid in the color and most of the flavor to the final whiskey before bottling.

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