BBQ Techniques Fat Equals Flavor

BBQ Techniques Fat Equals Flavor

BBQ Techniques Fat Equals Flavor

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Barbecue techniques were ultimately invented to transform extreme, undesirable cuts of meat into great tasting tender morsels.


What meat brisket, pork shoulder, and other pit works of art have in common is that they originate from the more exercised parts of the animal, and because of this will have more flavor. This is because of a high centralization of red strands, which harbor fat beads and other delicious parts, as well as proteins and different substances that change over those components into flavor. Since they're additionally thick with collagen and connective tissue, these optional cuts require long stretched out low-temperature cooking to bring out their succulence.

A large portion of these cuts are modest in price, however a few, for example, short ribs, have gotten to be trendy, and pricier, throughout the years. When the cuts are cooked for along time at generally low warmth, the cartilage and inter-muscular fats break down and turn out to be delicate and unctuous. So now you know why its important to cook slow and low, its time to crank down the temp and enjoy your next BBQ experience.

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