Advantages of Staying In Downtown Hotel in Philadelphia

Center City Hotel in Philly

Center City Hotel in Philly

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Philadelphia, PACenter City Hotel in Philly - Whether you're coming to Philadelphia for business or pleasure, staying close to the actions can make all the difference to success trip or vacation.

Why Stay In a Center City Hotel in Philly

Many visitors to Philly choose a hotel on the outskirts of town, either because they are unfamiliar with the area or believe that accommodation is less expensive the further away they stay from the center city.

However, you'll quickly find out that your daily excursions will tend to be a little far further away than you first expected.

And, for business travelers linking up with your colleagues located downtown may be highly inconvenient, causing many travelers issues with transportation, parking, and punctuality.

Choosing a hotel outside of Philly or even near the airport leaves you in Philadelphia, miles away from your business or vacation plans.

Many visitors to Philadelphia travel by plane and need to rely on public transportation to get to their destination. In that case, you will learn very quickly that public transport options may be minimal in Philadelphia, and UBER and LYFT can cost you up to $30 each way.

This means you could wind up spending a lot of money getting back on forth and wasting time waiting around for your next ride. You may also discover dining options, and sightseeing will be limited since most Philadelphia attractions tend to be around or near the center city.

From experience, staying at a downtown hotel in Philadelphia is the best solution for many reasons; however, the best reason is the convenience factor.

When you stay close to Philly's center city, it puts you right in the middle of everything, where you can enjoy all that the city of brotherly love has to offer.

From high-end restaurants, stores, tourist attractions, public transport to business centers and conference venues, you will find them easier to access from your center city location.

Almost anywhere you travel globally, public transport hubs are always located in the city center, adjacent to the downtown area, and Philadelphia is no exception. If transport is needed, the ease of catching a cab, hopping on a bus, or boarding the SEPTA Line is pretty easy from a downtown hotel.

In Philadelphia, the downtown and Old City areas are the heart of the city. The walk to the convention center or many local museums and attractions will be more convenient and enjoyable than taking public transport or spending up to $40 for parking. If transportation is required, you will usually find a bus stop or train station close at hand.

If you travel by plane, the trip to and from the Philadelphia Airport is easy as airport shuttles and taxis express routes to central areas, making your journey easy and quick.

There is usually no need to call for a cab to the airport since many downtown hotels are serviced by airport shuttles with standard route, often leaving on the hour or even as often as every 15 minutes. When it is time to check out and head home, the return trip to the airport can be so much easier by you simply walking out the door of your hotel and board the shuttle to transport you to the airport.

So, next time your planning a trip to Philly, think of staying closer to town; in the end, the cost is usually only a few dollars more; however, in the end, it might cost you less when you consider your transportation or parking needs.

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