Redz Restaurant Mount Laurel NJ's American Inspired Fare

Redz Restaurant Mount Laurel NJ's American Inspired Fare (Photos: Redz)

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Mount. Laurel, NJ - located in the DoubleTree Suites by Hilton, Redz Restaurant was started three years ago by owner Mitchell Davis. He chose the name Redz in honor of all the red-haired women who have had such an influence in his life.Mount. Laurel, NJ - located in the DoubleTree Suites by Hilton, Redz Restaurant was started three years ago by owner Mitchell Davis. He chose the name Redz in honor of all the red-haired women who have had such an influence in his life.

Redz Restaurant, Known for their American Inspired FareWhether you’re enjoying a relaxed lunch, a memorable dinner, or a casual bite in the bar, you’ll appreciate our passionate attention to every detail. Offering American inspired fare, Redz only uses the freshest and closest-to-the-source ingredients. The restaurant offers an extensive beverage program that includes domestic and craft beer, domestic wines, and a selection of specialty cocktails. For more information about the restaurant visit

Chef: Chef Roelof de Groot


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Redz Restaurant, located in Mount Laurel, NJ, is excited to announce their newest promotion celebrating all things “four” in a nod to their location just off the New Jersey Turnpike’s Exit 4. Weary travelers and weekday warriors have long stopped in Redz for an afternoon refresher and now guests can sip on selections from local breweries like Flying Fish Exit 4 on tap, Asbury Park 4/4 in cans, and Victory Brewing 4 Front all for $4 every day from 4 pm – 7 pm.

Guests can enjoy the brews at the discounted price along with select Bar Bites specials that include ‘Chef’s Flatbread’ [$10] that changes daily and “Redz Nachos Grade” loaded with chili, cheese, black olives, sour cream and topped with guacamole [$8]. Redz will be running exclusive and locally focused promotions throughout the summer to highlight neighboring breweries and farm stands, upholding their commitment to serving the freshest and most local foods and beverages.


Review of RedzREVIEW - Food Writer, Amaris Pollock

A crowd of food critics, bloggers, and their companions were able to sample the new food offerings at Redz Restaurant on May 10th.  The restaurant’s new menu is a flowering change from their old one, and I have been looking forward to what their Executive Sous Chef Roelof de Groot had planned since October.

As the small bites samples of their full portions came out, I can say that my favorites were the ANGUS FILET MIGNON in a Gorgonzola Cream Sauce. There are other sauces to choose from, like the red wine sauce, or a mushroom demi-glaze. All were presented with the Filet Mignon; however my preference was for the gorgonzola sauce.  It was mouth-watering with a light sear on the outside and the meat was not only tender, it was succulent. I felt like the bite melted in my mouth, and the sauce gave me that creamy-heavy lingering taste. It paired well with In the Backyard Copper Cream by local brewing company Zed’s Beer Bado Brewing, LLC which is being highlighted as Redz tap takeover this month. Copper Cream was not too heavy of a brew, and smooth as you drank it with a little bite in the end.  

Another of my favorites was the FISH TACOS, made with Mahi Mahi and topped with what tastes like a sweet pickled coleslaw with salsa in it, and topped sour cream.  I also tasted a nice helping of cilantro in the dish, lending it to have an even stronger Latin flare. The tacos are very filling and for anyone who is a seafood lover, this would be a great choice for a quick lunch.  But be aware, as the delicious Mahi Mahi is making your taste buds happy, you may need an extra napkin for how juicy the delectable dish is. If I were to pair it with one of Zed’s tap takeover beers, I would recommend the In Chillium Smash.  It was lighter and had hops in it, but not too hoppy.

There were also smaller plated versions of the CEDAR PLANK SALMON with fresh vegetables.  Aside from the delicate salmon, which flaked apart in tender layers that were full of the smokey flavor that comes from the Cedar—the fish was coated in spices that made it piquant. It was presented on the cedar plank with fresh vegetables that were lightly seasoned with Oil and salt.

I also sampled REDZ TRUFFLED FRIES, the taste of Truffles in these fries is undeniably infused.  I would have been happy just standing around eating them all day—however since that’s not a healthy or balanced diet, I would recommend ordering them with the open-faced MITCHELL SANDWICH made with chicken, smashed avocado, roasted cherry tomato, and a sunny-side up egg on a multigrain toast.  These two menu items were a hit, from my own opinion and from everyone else’s reactions.

Bringing the event to a close, we heard from some of Redz Restaurant managing staff. “First of all, I thank everyone for coming in and joining us. We’re very much a part of the community and have been for years, and we’re hoping to spread the news and have everybody in and join us as much as they can. We are trying to partner continuously with local vendors, now that Jersey produce is starting to come in, we’ve already got some new things happening there. We’re happy to partner with everybody in the area, including Zed’s,” stated General Manager Dean Sampson.

I highly enjoyed the new menu, along with the opportunity to speak with Zed’s Beer owner Goeff Bado and his wife in regard to their beers that are on tap at Redz.  And with the spring and summer vegetables about to come into season, I look forward to tasting how Redz Restaurant will use the local produce in their menu. And I hope that you visit them and taste what’s on the menu too!


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