4 Steps You Should Take if You've Suffered a Personal Injury in Philadelphia

Personal Injury in Philadelphia

Personal Injury in Philadelphia

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Personal Injury in PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia, PA - Accidents are inevitable no matter how much effort you have put into preventive measures. According to the CDC, there were 55.4 injuries in America in 2020 alone, with six in one of the injured seeking medical attention. 

Steps To Take if You've Suffered a Personal Injury in Philadelphia

Under the Philadelphia personal injury law, people who suffer injuries resulting from the negligent actions of others may be eligible for compensation. However, getting fair compensation is not a guarantee. 

If you or someone you know has suffered injuries and are contemplating filing a personal injury lawsuit, this guide offers handy tips to help you get things right from the word go. 

1. Talk To a Lawyer

Involving an attorney early in your personal injury case is very important. A lawyer can offer advice about the dos and don'ts, ensuring that you do not do or say anything that can hurt your case. 

Your choice of a lawyer should be guided by the type of injury suffered. 

For instance, if you suffer injuries through an auto crash, a car accident lawyer should be your choice. Similarly, you will need to go for a medical malpractice lawyer if you are filing a lawsuit related to medical negligence.

If you do not know who to trust with your case, the Levin Firm is an excellent place to find a skilled Philadelphia-based personal injury attorney. You will want to check out their site to understand why they are a good fit for your case.

2. Getting Medical Assistance

Your health should be your priority. After a high-impact accident, you can feel okay even when you are not. 

So, if you get in an accident, call 911 immediately. Ambulance service providers often show up at an accident scene alongside the police.

You need to take advantage of the emergency teams to get a medical evaluation. Seeking medical help at the scene of an accident helps create a solid link between your injuries and the accident right from day one. 

If you do not receive treatment at the accident scene, ensure you see a doctor the earliest possible. Seeking medical attention late can hurt your case because the opposing team can claim your injuries are unrelated to the accident. Also, medical records act as a guideline when seeking economic and non-economic damages.

3. Document The Scene

A few hours or minutes after an accident, it is possible to have every trace of an accident cleared at the accident scene. So, it is important to collect as much evidence from the scene. 

You do not need sophisticated equipment to get the job done. Your phone's camera can do the job. 

Take photos and record video footage at the scene, ensuring that you capture every detail that could help build your case. If your injuries can't allow it, you can have someone do it. 

You may also need to talk to witnesses that could be willing to appear in court for your case and collect their contact information. 

4. File a Claim

After you have done all, the next step would be filing a claim with the at-fault party. In most states, personal injury laws are often easy to navigate, and you can do it on your own. However, it is not advisable if your claim involves severe injuries or large payouts. 

It is also important to know that the statute of limitations in Pennsylvania allows you two years from the date of the injury to file a lawsuit in court. After this period, you may lose the right to pursue compensation for your injuries. 

However, there may be some exceptions based on your case's circumstances. That is why you need to involve a personal injury lawyer from the onset to protect your right to recover compensation.

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