Most Haunted Places in Pittsburgh

Most Haunted Places in Pittsburgh

Most Haunted Places in Pittsburgh

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Haunted PhillyPhiladelphia, PA - When it comes to ghost stories and haunted locations, Pittsburgh has many to offer. Green Man's Tunnel, Congelier House, Dead Man's Hollow, Blue Mist Road, and the Green Light Cemetery are just a few popular haunted attractions. Read on for a closer look at these places and more! In this article, we'll take a closer look at these sites and how they might have been haunted in the past.

Green Man's Tunnel

The Green Man's Tunnel is located in South Park, PA, just a short drive from Downtown Pittsburgh. According to legend, this tunnel is haunted by a man known as Charlie No-Face, who wanders around with melted features and a weird green light. Raymond Robinson, a young boy who was electrocuted in the area, also saw this ghost while exploring the tunnel.

The history of the tunnel is very mysterious. It is based on a true story. The ghost of Charlie No-Face, a young boy, killed in a car accident, is said to walk the tunnel in the middle of the night. People also say that they hear screeching tires. Some even claim to hear cars' screeching tires passing through the tunnel at night. A woman who drowned herself in the tunnel is rumored to appear at night and grab legs, so it's not a good idea to stand or park inside. Piney Fork Rd, South Park Township, PA 15129

Congelier House

Known as one of the most haunted places in Pittsburgh, the Congelier House, also known as the House on Ridge Avenue,  is a local lure that has captivated people for decades. Originally built in 1871, the house was a home for Southern Civil War veteran Charles Wright Congelier and his wife, Lydia. While the Congeliers were having an affair, Lydia killed her lover by stabbing her and cutting off her head with a meat cleaver. The bodies were discovered two days later with their heads severed. After the murder, the Congelier House had been haunted by the evil energy of the couple.

After being uninhabited for 20 years, the Congelier House was purchased by a railroad company. Who converted it into apartments for rail workers. However, many workers complained of strange sounds and refused to stay in the house. This resulted in the house going back on the market. While no one is quite sure what happened to the Congelier family, the haunted house remains a haunted place worth visiting.

Dead Man's Hollow

For those who are fascinated by paranormal activity, Dead Man's Hollow is a must-visit destination.  Located in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, this 400-acre nature preserve is home to various ghostly sightings, including suicides and murders. The site was the site of the 1880 death of George McClure, who was shot to death in this location. Other ghost stories feature unexplained figures and voices.

In the 19th century, the area was home to a pipe factory and quarry. It was a flat, muddy area with huge coal-fired kilns, railroad tracks, and rails. The ghost stories associated with this area have led to countless stories of accidental deaths and natural disasters. The Allegheny Land Trust owns and manages the property as a wildlife preserve. 600 Scene Ridge Rd, McKeesport, PA 15133

Blue Mist Road

Many people have heard stories of ghosts haunting this road in near Pittsburgh.  Some claim that a septic tank contains the souls of a deceased family. Others say there is a half-man-half-deer creature that inhabits the road. There is even a legend that a deranged psycho escaped an asylum and killed his family on Blue Mist Road. Regardless of the story, there is a strong presence of the spectral beings on Blue Mist Road.

The Congelier Mansion is another spooky haunt in the city. Built-in the 1860s, this house was once the home of Charles and Lydia Congelier. Over the years, it has had several owners and visitors. It was eventually demolished in a grand explosion in 1927, but not before many people had a chance to visit it. Even though this house is no longer standing, it is still a place to visit. Irwin Road, Gibsonia, PA 15044

Moraine State Park

In the Moraine State Park, the largest cemeteries in Pittsburgh are located at Snyder Cemetery. The Snyder family founded the cemetery, and Conrad Snyder tended it throughout his lifetime. According to local lore, he continues to haunt the cemetery today. Visitors have reported seeing a shadowy figure with red eyes wandering through the cemetery. Some have also spotted a glowing green light over the headstone.

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