What is New Jersey's State Food?

What is New Jersey's State Food?

What is New Jersey's State Food?

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 New Jersey's State FoodPhiladelphia, PA - The pork roll, also known as Taylor ham, is a sausage-like meat product made in New Jersey. It was first made in Trenton in 1856. Today, it is one of the state's most popular breakfast foods, served sliced and grilled like Canadian bacon.

While not officially recognized as the state's official food, it's easily identifiable by its delicious taste and availability. The state has more than 500 diners, each serving the same dish: an Egg, Cheese, and Pork Roll. While the name sounds like it belongs to the state's state meat, it's a pork-based cured product similar to bologna, spam, and Canadian bacon. The best part is you can only find this delicious New Jersey specialty in the state.The state is home to many food producers, including a few big names with a global reputation.

Campbell's Soup Company, for example, was founded in Camden. Today, its headquarters are located there. In addition, M&M's candy, which was first made in New Jersey in 1958, has its home in Hackettstown. New Jersey is also home to many roadside farm stands that sell their products to local consumers.

Trenton's capital is home to two famous dishes: the Trenton tomato pie and the Trenton pork roll. While most pizzas are made with a crust, cheese, and toppings, Trenton tomato pie takes pizza to a new level. The tomato-intensive sauce makes this dish unique.

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