October is American Cheese Month! To generate funding for the American Cheese Education Foundation – if you hold an event, please consider donating a portion of proceeds to help the American cheese community educate its members and the public. Your donation helps ensure the highest quality, safest, most wholesome, and diverse cheeses can reach consumers via well-trained and certified folks behind your local cheese counter.

 South Street is home to some of the city's most iconic foods,  From over-sized late night slices to fiercely regional fries, here's a look at a few of South Street's best Eats.

There is great debate at the moment on whether it is worthwhile purchasing organic food as it is usually much more expensive than conventional food. The advantages of organic food are well documented, however in my eyes it really comes down to one issue, do you and your children really want to eat pesticides with your food? Assuming your answer is no and you want to go down the organic food route, then how do you go about keeping the cost down?

PhillyBite.com (Oct 2, 2015) -  On October 24, 2015 Philadelphia, will attempt to create the world largest cheesesteak in the world, by breaking the current world record of 426 feet set in 2011. The event will take place at Lincoln financial field during the Philly's first ever festival honoring the famed sandwich.

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