Top 10 Best Sushi Restaurants in Philadelphia

Top 10 Best Sushi Restaurants in Philadelphia

Photo: PhillyBite Magazine - William Zimmerman "Mama's Pizza:

Philadelphia SushiPhiladelphia, PA - Philly has its share of places to get your sushi fix, from Japanese restaurants to charming coffee shops. We have created a list of some of our favorite places to "Eat Sushi in Philadelphia." This Japanese dish is prepared with vinegared rice, sugar, and salt, filled with various ingredients; seafood, vegetables, and occasionally tropical fruits.

Chef Kevin Yanaga | Philly's Sushi Whisperer

Chef Kevin Yanaga

Chef Kevin Yanaga (Photo by Eddy Marenco)

Philadelphia, PAAbout Chef Kevin Yanaga - Born in California but raised in Japan, Kevin Yanaga started professional cooking in Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture. Though his home city sits on Tokyo Bay, a short distance south from the bustling capital, the longtime sushi chef found his earliest work in kitchens, manning the burners in a series of Izakayas, or casual pubs

Top 5 Best Cheesesteaks in South Jersey

Top 5 Best Cheesesteaks in South Jersey

Top 5 Best Cheesesteaks in South Jersey

South Jersey Cheesesteaks ChickenSouth Jersey - When you think of cheesesteaks, Philly comes to mind. But did you know you can also get a good cheesesteak just over the bridge in South Jersey? We have you covered with the Best of South Jersey Cheesesteaks. From a dive bar in Camden to a small sandwich shop in Wildwood, NJ.

Top 5 Best Calzones Philadelphia

Top 5 Best Calzones in Philadelphia

Where to Find The Best Calzones in Philly

Philadelphia, PAThe Best Calzones in Philadelphia - A calzone is like a mini pizza pocket with pizza crust filled with cheese and toppings and baked until golden brown, from a mushroom and spinach calzone from a well-known Philly Chef to a Nutella and ricotta dessert calzone. We have you covered with The Best Calzones in Philadelphia.

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