Rittenhouse Square BYOB: JJ Thai Cuisine

Rittenhouse Square BYOB: JJ Thai CuisineThe Rittenhouse area has got a new BYO that everyone should know about. JJ Thai opened in February 2016 and they’re creating otherworldly dishes combining French and Thai cuisine. The former location of Bangkok 9 Thai at 2028 Chestnut Street, this restaurant is so much more than what past customers were used to.

Cleavers Cheesesteaks in Rittenhouse Square

Cleavers Steak ShopRittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, Pa - HOLY COW! Cleavers is about to turn the Rittenhouse sandwich game upside down. This spot is serving up high quality cheesesteaks with USDA approved shaved Ribeye, along with grilled chicken, breaded chicken cutlets, and vegetarian options!

Masala Kitchen - Fast casual Indian

MassalaCenter City Philadelphia, PA - Oh my masala! I’m a big fan of Indian food and the Halal Guys. Masala Kitchen tastes like both of those fabulous things combined! Their specialty is healthy, fast casual Indian featuring Kati Rolls and platters- and yes they even have that yummy white sauce and spicy red hot sauce that I love.

Flora: Vegetarian BYOB in Jenkintown

Jenkintown, Pa - As an avid meat lover, I have to admit that I was a bit timid to try a cuisine which consisted of only vegetables. Nevertheless, it turned out to be a delightful experience with some of the most tantalizing dishes I have ever eaten.

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