Sunday Dinner with Chef Michael Van Houten

PhillyBite Sunday Dinner with Cheif Michael Van Houten Sunday Dinner - Thyme to bring fine dining home is more than just a motto I created for Bottled Thyme, it is a goal that I strive for in every possible way. As a chef for over twenty years, I can fully appreciate the desire to want a tasty meal. Moreover, as a child who grew up eating family dinner, I can also appreciate the positive qualities of sharing a meal with loved ones.

Sunday Dinner ToastSunday Dinner Weekends are a special time, cherished for all the valuable free time they provide us. Depending on whom you ask, Sunday’s usual activities can vary from worshipping to gathering around the couch to watch football all afternoon. It could also mean catching up on the weeks chores. Regardless of your goals for the day, we all have to eat. When it comes to Sunday Dinner, there is always space at the table for friends and family. Sunday Dinner provides an opportunity to catch up on the world that fills our lives. This weekly bonding with family & friends is what life is all about, right?

Each week I will be presenting a recipe that will help bring families around the table each Sunday. As a chef, several things please me; teaching people how to cook from scratch might top that list. Each recipe will highlight a new cooking technique that you can add to your knowledge base. One thing I love to encourage is involving children in the cooking process. There is an entire shopping list of positive benefits to this. I firmly believe that involving children in the kitchen opens their minds to trying new foods, expands their flavor base and ultimately leads to a healthier diet. Because of this, each recipe will include at least one way to bring your kids into the kitchen for some great family time.

Michael Tyme"As routines begin to change with the seasons and the start of school, why not create one that helps launch your week off refreshed and recharged. The best way to accomplish this is by breaking bread over a delicious meal made from scratch while making memories with the ones you care about. Join me each week as I share recipes that will make you the talk of the neighborhood". - Chef Michael Van Houten

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